No More Rainbows 2023 Roadmap & Upcoming Content
February 13, 2024
No More Rainbows Content Roadmap

JUNE 13, 2023

Today we are proud to announce that No More Rainbows will be releasing seasonal content! Every season, new content will be released and will come in the form of either multiplayer or campaign content. Sometimes a small mixture of both. We're still keeping the exact content under wraps to make it exciting but we are taking community feedback to heart.

Here are some high level changes coming to No More Rainbows:

A selfie mirror that you can take out at any time. Use it show your drip to the world or record cool content.

New creator cosmetics! The first batch of creator cosmetics will include popular VR creators Maxo, K9 and VMT. Make sure you follow them as they most likely will be the first to unveil their cosmetic.

Of course, lots of small changes and bug fixes to make the game smoother for everyone. We'll also be adding new languages to the game so more players can enjoy No More Rainbows.


New Underground Lobby with plenty of surprises. What secrets will hold this new secret area?


New multiplayer arena maps

New Power ups

New campaign content!

As we progress on each content update, more details will be shared. Our main announcement channels is Discord but we will also share news on our Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok so make sure you follow us on at least one social media!

About Squido:

Squido is a video game studio based in Montreal, Canada. Over the last decade, the studio has been composed of several friends working part-time on more than 10 web and mobile educational games that were played over 30 million times by students. Its latest title, No More Rainbows, will be out soon on Quest 2 and Steam VR.

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