Priority Game Access
Gain first-hand access to all our games and upcoming features, enjoying them before anyone else.
Exclusive Rewards Program
Earn unique in-game items, exclusive merchandise, and participate in special Squid Syndicate events.
Community Influencer
Collaborate directly with our team, bringing community-driven ideas to life and shaping the future of our games.
Squido Studio’s Squid Syndicate is now open and we’re here to help you level up your content game! Join us, and you'll get VIP access to all the games we've ever made (and all the ones we haven't yet 😉). Plus, you'll be the first to try out new features, snag cool gifts, and dive into exclusive events.

But it's not just about the perks. It's about joining a system where your voice can really make waves. You'll get to hang out in private Discord servers with the development team and other creators just like you, sharing ideas, geeking out over games, and helping shape what comes next.

So, if you're all about creating killer content and want a behind-the-scenes pass to the gaming world, The Squid Syndicate's where it's at. Let's make some noise together!
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How it works

Who is elligible to Squid Syndicate?
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The requirements to join Squid Syndicate are:

NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (Acceptance remains at Squido’s discretion*)some text

  • Acceptance will become stricter after first wave

Creators with 25,000 subscribers and more may be eligible for paid videos and will receive an elevated Discord Role with their own Private Channel some text

  • At Squido's Discretion (Low view count/inactive channels are ineligible)
What are the benefits to join the Squid Syndicate program?
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Creators are rewarded on acceptance and through commitment. some text

  • New users must post at minimum 1 video to receive a free cap
  • Monthly video for 3 consecutive months = free t-shirt
  • Monthly video for 8 consecutive months = free hoodie
  • Creators must fill and link all videos within a 30-day period to be eligible for rewards. A submission form will be available in the Discord Server. 

Upon acceptance: some text

  • Free in-game rewards (currency, cosmetics, item packs, etc)
  • Special Discord roles and servers
  • All current and future Squido games are free.
  • Additional incentives:some text
    • Invitation and access to exclusive in-game events
    • Opportunity to receive early access to new features, updates, and games
    • Potential exclusive cosmetics and in-game items
How to maintain creator status?
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  • Creators must post 1 long-form (YouTube) or 2 short-form (Tiktok/Shorts) videos a month covering NMR or Anarchitects.
  • Inactive users will be on a strike system at Squido’s discretion and will be removed from the program if seen fit.
What steps are involved in becoming a creator?
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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Direct invitation to Discord for first wave (timing TBD)
  • Invite leads to automatic role assignment for new members - must agree to requirements to receive role
  • Invite leads to automatic role assignment at base rolesome text
    • Eligible members with 25k+ subscribers may apply for elevated role (Appy form, similar style to playtesting form)some text
      • If accepted: auto-assigned elevated role + create private channel 
  • Monthly forms - creators must fill and link all videos within 30-day period to be eligible for rewards (Appy)some text
    • Eliminates need to look for videos and socials 
    • Failure to submit results in ineligibility for that month 
    • Can be exported to CSV file for easier management
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