About us

We’re a VR video game development studio based in Montreal, Canada. Our first game No More Rainbows offers an enthralling adventure with an inverted good vs. evil storyline using a unique locomotion system in VR.


Located in Montreal Canada, the Squido team started by developing educational mobile games for clients, reaching more than 1,000,000 players.

After the success of our first VR game No More Rainbows, our passionate team of 20 people is now solely focused on delivering the next big F2P social sandbox VR/MR game : Simulators.

Educational Games

Our educational games have been played by over 1,000,000 students across Quebec, Canada. As well as more than 60,0000,000 games played!

If you'd like to know more about us, make sure you check out the video below, we're happy to be able to show you a little bit about what goes on inside our studio.

Our values

Gameplay first
It's always gameplay first at Squido, if the core gameplay or mechanics suck, we start over until we get it right.
We're as transparent as we can, especially when it comes to game features, expectations, release dates, and more. We value trust.
We're not building gimmicks. We're truly looking to innovate and make fun stuff no one else is doing.
Driven by passion
We'll make games that we really want to play. If we don't want it ourselves, we're not going to make it. This helps make games that are actually enjoyable
All of us are trying to be the best of ourselves. Everyone one of us is empowered to make greatness and strive to make to the best possible game!
Community oriented
We build our games alongside the community. We playtest all our features and mechanics. This helps us earn your trust and comes back to the first point as well: Gameplay first.

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