DigiGods Illuminates the Night with Exciting NeoCity 1.1 Update
June 12, 2024

[Montreal, June 7, 2024] – Get ready to brave the darkness! Squido Studio is excited to announce the launch of NeoCity 1.1, a thrilling new update for their free-to-play multiplayer sandbox game, DigiGods. Available now, this electrifying update plunges players into a world of shadows and neon with an array of new features, weapons, cosmetics, and game modes that promise to redefine the DigiGods experience. Check out their newly released trailer below for a glimpse of NeoCity 1.1!

NeoCity 1.1 introduces players to a world shrouded in darkness with a brand-new pitch-black skybox. But fear not, explorers, for the update also brings light to the shadows with the highly-anticipated flashlight, allowing players to navigate the unknown and discover hidden pathways and locations. This new introduction further opens the doors to limitless creative possibilities as players can now create an abundance of new simulations, further vastening the community-built catalogue of simulations. Whether it’s a horror themed PVP or a simple hide-and-seek simulation, the opportunities are endless.

These features, along with the new grappling gun and select cosmetics, are available together in the NeoCity After Dark Bundle, available now for only $4.99!

Whether players have escaped or been consumed by the darkness, they’ll have the opportunity to gear up with a brand-new, hard-hitting shotgun, perfect for close-quarters combat. Alternatively, they can conquer the urban jungle with the all-new grappling gun, allowing for quick traversal and creative maneuvers across the DigiGods landscape.

The NeoCity 1.1 update goes beyond just gear, offering:

  • Cops & Robbers Theme: Embrace the thrill of the chase with all-new themed cosmetics and NPCs, adding a new layer of immersion to the DigiGods world.
  • Building & Decorating Elements: Unleash your inner architect and design intricate simulations with an expanded selection of building and decorating elements.
  • Energy Shield: Defend yourself from enemy attacks with the new energy shield, adding a tactical layer to combat and providing a crucial advantage in heated firefights.
  • Two New Game Modes:
    • Battle Royale: Dive into the ultimate fight for survival in a fast-paced, action-packed free-for-all.
    • Reach the End: Work as a team or go at it alone in this thrilling new mode where players must overcome obstacles to reach the end as quickly as possible. This mode opens the door to a slew of new possibilities including simple Kart races, only ups, or deathly obstacle courses. 

Now available, players can purchase the NeoCity After Dark Bundle for $4.99 and unlock the flashlight, pitch-black skybox, grappling gun, select cosmetics, and more! Additionally, players will receive a boost of 2200 K-OS to spend on even more in-game items!

Download the NeoCity 1.1 update for DigiGods today and step into a world of shadows, neon, and endless possibilities.

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