Announcing DigiGods: A New Era in VR/MR Gaming
May 21, 2024

[Montreal, February 19, 2024] – At Squido Studio, we're thrilled to unveil our latest venture into the world of virtual and mixed reality with the announcement of DigiGods. This innovative VR/MR sandbox game is set to make its grand debut at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC), promising to push the boundaries of creativity and multiplayer interaction within the digital realm.

About DigiGods

DigiGods stands at the confluence of imagination and technology, offering players a unique platform to build, play, and share without the complexities of coding. Inspired by the limitless creativity of platforms like RecRoom and Roblox, and incorporating a physics-based drag-and-drop system reminiscent of Garry’s Mod, DigiGods invites players into a world where their creativity knows no bounds. Whether creating intricate puzzles, a 0 gravity team shooter, or board games, the possibilities within DigiGods are limitless. Create, play, and share mini-games in VR with little to no loading times.

Worldwide Reveal Countdown and Website Launch

The excitement for DigiGods' global unveiling is building, and we're inviting everyone to join the countdown on our newly launched website. Be among the first to step into the future of VR/MR gaming and witness the dawn of a new era in digital creativity.

Watch Our Upcoming Reveal

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the worldwide reveal of DigiGods on March 15, 2024. Please visit for direct access to the event and be part of this groundbreaking moment.

Exclusive Invitation at GDC

We are extending a warm invitation to journalists and media representatives to join us at GDC for an exclusive firsthand experience of DigiGods. This is your opportunity to dive deep into the game's infinite possibilities, discover its unique features, and take home some exclusive swag. Join us in our suite at the Grand Hyatt Hotel for what promises to be a landmark showcase of VR/MR gaming's innovative potential.

In you'd like to schedule an opportunity to experience DigiGods at GDC, please fill out this form.

Early Access for Press

In our commitment to engaging with the community and media, Squido Studio is offering early access to journalists keen on exploring DigiGods in more depth. This is an excellent chance for in-depth coverage and sharing the revolutionary aspects of the game with audiences worldwide.

For more details and early access requests, please don't hesitate to reach out to Eric Laurent at

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Media Contact:

Eric Laurent

Marketing Director

Squido Studio

GDC Scheduling Form

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