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Logo of the Creator Program: "Creators of the Underworld"
Being a Creator of the Underworld will connect you to No More Rainbows developers and give you special rewards for posting No More Rainbows content!
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Become a Warden of the Underworld

If you love No More Rainbows and making content about it, joining the Creators of the Underworld is imperative to stop the spread of vile goodness! Creators of all sizes are encouraged to band together and connect with fellow creators to earn exclusive perks, in-game swag, and monetary rewards!

Creators of the Underworld contains two tiers:

1. Messenger of Darkness

2. Guardian of Terror

Each level includes different requirements and offers different perks.
Illustration that represents the face of the Beast


As a Messenger of Darkness, you are a verified Creator of the Underworld and a passionate member of the No More Rainbows community! Whether you’re a new Warden or a seasoned veteran, we want you to be excited to contribute and have a voice in our community!
in-game badge
In-game badge labeling you as a verified Messenger of Darkness in No More Rainbow’s Creators of the Underworld program.
discord vip
Access to a private No More Rainbow’s Creator Discord channel, where you will be able to discuss with other creators directly.
game presence
In-game graffiti of your creator logo, name, badge.(discover where it’s hidden in-game!)
Free NMR keys for you and your community, give them you your friends, community, and/or family!
underworld merch
Access to free merch when it becomes available later this year.

guardian of terror

Guardians of Terror have higher requirements, but also earn more rewards! They are the most dedicated creators of the Underworld. They have earned the respect, and they are reaping the rewards. They have access to all the rewards of a Messenger of Darkness in addition to the following:
in-game badge
In-game badge labeling you as a verified Guardian of Terror in No More Rainbow’s Creators of the Underworld program
Early Access to new Content Updates before everyone else, get a headstart on content!
direct line
A direct line to developers for Q&As, interviews and more.
Top 10 Creators will receive a monetary prize bonus of $300 each month.
underworld cosmetic
Top creators will be given the opportunity to create their own wearable cosmetic in No More Rainbows.

Join the underworld!

If you're a content creator and enjoy No More Rainbows, then the Underwrold beckons! Join the creators, be part of the Underworld and bring help bring it back to its former glory!


How can I join the Creators of Underworld?
It's quite simple! If you're making or plan to make content on Youtube, Twitch, or TikTok about No More Rainbows, then the Creator Program could be a good fit for you! We're looking for creators that have a passion for VR games. All you have to do is fill out the Creators of the Underworld form to be considered.
Can i lose my creator status?
Yes. If you stop creating No More Rainbows content for an extended period of time, eventually you will lose your creator status and the perks that come with it. Again, you will only lose your creator status if you do not create content for an extended period of time, and we understand that sometimes, creating content isn't easy. If you can't make content for a while, that's totally understandable.
i can be in the game?!
Yes! We want to support VR creators. Depending on your tier, you can get a graffiti that represents your gamer tag or creator logo inside of No More Rainbows. We're also open to creating custom cosmetics for creators that put in a lot of effort into creating No More Rainbows content. Imagine having your very own cosmetic!
I'm not part of the program, can i still make content?
Absolutely! You're a free to make content for No More Rainbows. We only ask that you follow guidelines for the platforms where you upload. Though if you are already making No More Rainbows content, we suggest that you become an official creator, as there are no downsides for you!
how do i go from tier 1 to tier 2?
We'll look at your metrics and how frequently you make content about No More Rainbows. We consider effort, and also how engaged you are in the community. Tier 2 is for top creators but this doesn't only mean size. You could very well be a smaller content creator in Tier 2!